As a full boarding school, it is vital that boys feel happy, secure and relaxed upstairs.  Our Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Pinchin-Hughes are at the heart of Ludgrove life, and they are responsible for maintaining a happy and calm routine upstairs.  Living onsite, they oversee the nightly duty staff and each evening invite a year group to their home for films and hot chocolate. Additionally, our wonderful team of resident matrons takes care of all the boys’ needs upstairs, whether it is helping with baths and showers and the bedtime routine, a clean set of clothes, a lost teddy bear or simply reading a story.

The boys sleep in bright and spacious dormitories, in a mix of single and bunk beds and are encouraged to add a personal touch with posters, photographs and an abundance of teddy bears!  Each term, the dormitories change and the boys are able to request friends they would like to be with.  Board and card games are encouraged in the evenings before a period of quiet reading and every fortnight there is a prize for the best dorm.  There is also an outing at the end of term for the overall winning dorm – a much coveted prize.  Every Sunday the boys much enjoy the “Pinchin’ Mix”, a sweet shop with a wonderful selection of penny sweets run by Mr and Mrs Pinchin-Hughes.

At Ludgrove we are firm believers in the benefits of the boarding experience and by living together in a close community, the boys are able to build up their self-confidence, community spirit and appreciation of others.  They learn to develop a strong set of values, good manners and a balanced outlook on life.

Tory and Jon Pinchin-Hughes joined Ludgrove in 2010 having previously been houseparents at Belhaven Hill School and having taught at Beaudesert Park.  Jon teaches Latin and English, and Tory, Geography and English and together they have a wealth of experience in caring for young children. 

“… boarders are happy and positive about the boarding experience and particularly enjoy the extensive range of recreational and sporting activities provided.” Ofsted Boarding Inspection