School fees are charged termly and cover all the costs incurred in the usual course of a boy’s education and boarding during the term. They are invoiced in advance and payable by the first day of each term. Either a full term’s notice or a payment of a term’s fees in lieu of notice must be given, if a boy is withdrawn from the school. The Governors review the level of fees annually in June. The current fee is £8,650 per term.

Other charges - for extra activities, such as musical instrument lessons, fencing, tennis etc. - are invoiced in arrears. A list of the available activities and the charges is sent to parents before the start of each term. They are payable by the first day of the next term.

Charges for insurances and school fees protection are charged in advance and are again payable by the first day of each term. Personal accident insurance is compulsory. Medical insurance and school fees protection are optional.

Charges for incidental expenses, such as taxis and toothbrushes, are invoiced in arrears.

Entrance fees

A registration charge of £75 is payable, when a boy’s name is entered on the school’s future places list. A deposit of £750 is payable two years before a boy joins the school. This deposit will confirm the boy’s place at Ludgrove and be credited to the final invoice when the boy leaves the school.