The Ludgrove Foundation

The Ludgrove School Foundation was launched on Monday 15th July 2013 and is committed to broadening access to the school and supporting its future development. The Foundation has also been set up to raise funds for bursaries, enabling families, regardless of circumstances, to give their sons a Ludgrove education and to offer all pupils a happy and rewarding school life through funding development projects. 

The School has benefited from the philanthropy of previous generations throughout its history.  In its recent past, it has been able to fund investments in the school of over £2 million through prudent management.  However, continuing investment in projects is needed to keep Ludgrove at the forefront of prep school education, whilst widening access to the school necessitates an appeal to the generosity of all generations.  The Foundation’s help will allow the School to make the investments necessary to ensure Ludgrove remains as one of the country’s leading prep schools whilst enhancing what makes it distinctive. 

Ludgrove is a community where pupils are prepared in a diverse world.  Through bursaries, the Foundation aims to draw pupils from a broader spectrum of society and make it possible for low and middle income families, both Old Ludgrovian and otherwise, to benefit from a Ludgrove education.  It is this education that develops the values, independence, confidence and capabilities required to achieve great things.

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