Pastoral Care

Each boy is valued as an individual and our primary aim is that he is happy and fulfilled during his time with us.  Sophie Barber, the Headmaster’s Wife, oversees the pastoral care and works closely with the Headmaster, House parents, Matrons and Division masters/mistresses who all take the time to get to know each boy and identify their individual strengths, needs or concerns.   Additional evening matrons and duty staff assist with the evening duties to ensure that there is always someone to talk to. Excellent pastoral provision is the responsibility of all staff and is a partnership between school and parents.

Communication is key and the Division Masters/Mistresses meet with their boys each morning, and can be spoken to by parents when dropping off after exeats or contacted directly by email.  A daily staff meeting is held first thing each morning to discuss diary matters and any issues concerning the boys, thereby ensuring a pan-school approach to promoting the welfare and happiness of every boy.  

We get to know the boys extremely well and there is an excellent rapport between staff and boys and the caring and homely atmosphere at Ludgrove enables each boy to feel secure, relaxed and happy. 

“The outstanding care …. towards the boys maintains the family ethos of the school, enabling the boys to be valued as individuals and grow and develop in a happy caring community.”ISI Inspection