School Policies

Please see below for PDFs of the school's policies on:

Safeguarding Children Policy
Discipline, Rewards & Sanctions
Complaints Procedures
Anti Bullying
Data Protection
ICT Policy
ISI Report
 BUPA Schools Scheme
 Fees refund scheme (existing)
 Fees refund scheme (new)
 BUPA notice
 Personal accident insurance
 Bursary Policy

The Governors of Ludgrove are committed to broadening access to Ludgrove in order to ensure that, as far as possible, boys who would otherwise thrive here and be an asset to the school are not prevented from coming for financial reasons. To that end, limited funds are available on a means-tested basis to assist with school fees. Such assistance is necessarily aimed at prospective parents but may exceptionally be provided to existing parents or guardians whose circumstances have materially changed.